Steve McQueen’s Son Will Give Your Mustang the ‘Bullitt’ Treatment

He bumps the engine up to 500 HP, for starters

By Tanner Garrity

Steve McQueen’s Son Will Give Your Mustang the ‘Bullitt’ Treatment
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22 August 2018

Two months from now, Bullitt turns 50.

It takes mere seconds of surfing to find a car chase scene on TV these days. But back in 1968, the film perfected and revolutionized the art, anointing star Steve McQueen — who helmed the iconic night green Mustang GT — as cool beyond compare.

Earlier this year, Ford paid tribute to that legacy, dropping its 2019 Mustang Bullitt. We waxed excitedly. But now, Chad McQueen (McQueen’s son, pro racer ) is taking it a step further.

Enter: Steeda Performance Vehicles, and the Steve McQueen Edition Mustang Bullitt. McQueen the Younger praised the current Bullitt for its “already strong performance,” but wanted to create a commemorative edition that more directly honors his dad ... and includes some badass mods.

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So how do you upgrade a six-speed transmission, 475-HP auto that can touch 163 MPH? Bump it up to 500-HP, for starters. The Steeda team redid both the powertrain and suspension with a cold-air racing intake and performance shocks and braces, respectively, then designed a modern reincarnation of the wheels that graced the ‘68 Mustang, pairing them with gritty Nitto tires. And that's before a laundry list of other, smaller add-ons, from superchargers to carbon-fiber driveshafts. Bringing it all home are McQueen signatures embossed on the exterior.

To secure one of Steeda’s 300 customs a year, acquire the 2019 Mustang Bullitt from your local Ford dealer, and then reach out to Steeda here. The car costs about $47K and the mods will run you up to $68K.

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