New Dos Equis Guy Is French, Identical to Michael Phelps

Meet the Most Interesting Replacement in the World

By The Editors

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07 September 2016

Before we had Flo from Progressive, the flip-flopping “Can You Hear Me Now?” guy and the hot brunette in a blue shirt from AT&T, there was only one meme-worthy ad spokesperson: The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Then Dos Equis sent him to Mars and tried to appease us by letting us buy some of his stuff. Didn't work. People need their heroes.

So, while it took nearly half a year, Dos Equis have finally announced 77-year-old Jonathan Goldsmith’s replacement, who they introduced to the world today in a 34-second YouTube clip. His name is Augustin LeGrand. He’s French. And he looks like Michael Phelps with a beard.

Although he’ll officially take over his new role during an extended commercial October 19th, the 41-year-old Legrand — who was born in France but speaks both English and Spanish — looks like he’ll be more than capable of reminding a new generation of friends how to stay thirsty.

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