The Most Interesting Collection in the World Is Up For Grabs

The Dos Equis guy “went to Mars.” He’s having a yard sale.

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The Most Interesting Collection in the World Is Up For Grabs
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13 April 2016

He carries a Victorian ice axe for aesthetic reasons. Scotland retired the pattern on his kilt out of respect. His spacesuit couldn’t handle the G force that his body could — so he went without it.

He is the Most Interesting Man in the World … and he’s giving away all his stuff.

After nearly a decade of service to suds, Dos Equis announced its bearded brand ambassador would be embarking on a one-way trip to Mars and sent him off in a Super Bowl ad. As it turns out, in a marketing move that would make Don Draper proud, the Most Interesting Man left his "Coveted Collection" behind and fans can enter to win every piece of the 26-item surfeit.

In addition to the aforementioned axe, kilt and spacesuit, participants can take home items like the tuxedo the Interesting One wore to his last masquerade, his Spanish guitar and matching mariachi suit and an invitation to dinner with Princess Isabel that was talon-delivered by a falcon.

"Giving our fans the opportunity to possess artifacts The Most Interesting Man collected throughout his extraordinary experiences is a perfect way to toast and commemorate this cultural icon," says Dos Equis VP Andrew Katz.

The first phase of items will be awarded on April 16th, the second on May 6th and the final on July 1st. A six-night trip for two to the Mexican hacienda the Most Interesting Man once called home with round-trip airfare and per diem spending cash is also up for grabs.

Entry information, rules and other legal mumbo jumbo is available here.

All images via Dos Equis

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