Lyft Will Give You a Free or Discounted Ride on Election Day

Cue inevitable ‘getting a Lyft in the polls’ puns

By Kirk Miller

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23 August 2018

Reminder: Election Day is November 6th, and if you haven't already, please register to vote. That’s on you.

Getting to the polls? That’s on Lyft.

The ridesharing service just announced “The Ride to Vote,” an initiative to encourage voter turnout on Election Day by offering 50% off rides across the country and free rides in underserved communities.

According to a press release from the ridesharing service, 15 million people who were registered in 2016 didn’t vote due to transportation issues. The savings will be distributed via promo codes and through non-partisan organizations that encourage voter turnout.

Or perhaps voter burnout, if your Lyft driver is feeling frisky.

H/t The Points Guy

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