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Vicious Cycle

The crowdsourced Stars and Stripes Racer. So pretty.

  • 23 September 2013

When you hire people who are smarter than you, the old saying goes, you prove you’re smarter than they are.

To build the Stars and Stripes Racer, the hair-whippingly fast chopper pictured above, Local Motors hired the entire Internet.

You may know Local: they’re the crowd-sourced engine for custom vehicle builds, the online forum that’s responsible for creating that dune-jumping beast they call The Rally Fighter.

The Racer is Local’s first motorcycle design, and it’s a beaut: a classic Harley chassis with a design that recalls the Brabham BT44 Formula One racing car of the '70s.


It’s a minimalist but polished machine. Glossy white with black accents. No over-the-top, Ed Hardy-evoking graphics.

And as the winning designer says, “I wanted to create something simple, but iconic, with a strong racing personality.”

Smart guy.

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