Here's to Giving a Damn Good Toast

Some words of wisdom on words of wisdom from six men we admire

By The Editors

Here's to Giving a Damn Good Toast
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23 December 2015

Giving a toast is to the drinking man what saying grace is to the God-fearing one:

It honors. It thanks. It makes us laugh.

And it acknowledges the importance of the moment and all those present, which is why we drink in the first place.

To give a good toast requires tact, perspective and a few good words. So we reached out to some of our favorite bartenders, CEOs and one of TV’s funniest writers for some advice on how they’ll be toasting their nearest and dearest over the holidays.

For your family

John Harris
Bar Manager, Virgin Hotel Chicago

"A toast to the old, to those who made it through and those who did not. May you reflect well on the good times and learn from the hard ones. A toast to the new, to those who will make it through and those who will not. May we revel greatly in the good times and learn from the hard ones.”

John Harris oversees bar program in all four bar and restaurant concepts at the ultra sexy, one-year-old Virgin Hotel Chicago.

For your friends, sincere version:

Stephane Bombet
Owner, Bombet Hospitality

“Some days are difficult to go through. Then there are moments like tonight, amongst friends, and I’m filled with joy and happiness deep in my heart. Lets remember this moment and enjoy every minute of it. Because that's what life is all about. Carpe Diem!”

Stephane Bombet is the Los Angeles restaurateur behind Bombet Hospitality, which recently opened two new spots in one month: Viviane and Hanjip. He also owns Terrine and Picca, with more to come in 2016.

For your friends, late-night version(s)

Mehar Sethi
Writer and Producer, BoJack Horseman

"To alcohol and thumbs, the only two things that separate man from beast."

"A toast to that family member who cracks a bottle of wine at 2 PM on Christmas. We were all thinking it."

"To Australians, for making all of America's drinking problems seem a little less severe."

“To my Tinder Family: because every Tinder sister is special in her own anonymous way that is fun once and rarely again.”

Mehar Sethi is a television writer and producer who has written for BoJack Horseman, The Cleveland Show and Robot Chicken. He paid a marketing team six-thousand dollars to write this bio.

For your colleagues

Michael P. Davidson
CEO, GenNext

“I hear it’s 'that time of year.’ Anyone here have any idea what that means? Angry shoppers, nosy relatives, hectic schedules. All small things.

'That time of year' should mean reflection, gratitude and a wink to the year ahead. All big things. Big things that are only words without each of you here tonight.

So here’s to the big things, and to experiencing them together all year round. Cheers!”

Michael Davidson is the CEO of GenNext, an organization of leaders who seek and inspire pragmatic and creative solutions to issues surrounding education, economic development, and global security.

For your customers

Brett David
Creative Director, The Line Group

"May your intentions be better, but decisions be worse, and give a bit more of that change from your purse."

As Creative Director at The Line Group, Brett David oversees the cocktail list and ambience at four of NYC's hippest bars and nightclubs.

For your employees

Quy “Q” Nguyen
CEO, Allyance Communications

"I'm so glad my other good friends were busy tonight, so I get to spend it with you guys. In all seriousness, I'm truly blessed and fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most amazing, talented and kind-hearted people I could ever ask for. I love when we kick ass and make magic happen for our customers like we did this year. But what I love more is we're able to share this awesome journey together. Raise your glass ... Here's to continued success with the people you love."

Quy Nguyen is the CEO of Allyance Communications, which handles the cloud computing and voice and data needs of massive companies like Warner Brothers and Zappos.

And a few old standbys from the InsideHook editorial team:

“To our sons: may they have rich fathers and beautiful mothers.”

“May we get what we want, may we get what we need, but may we never get what we deserve.”

“To our wives and girlfriends — may they never meet.”

“Here’s to staying positive and testing negative.”

“I drank to your health in company. I drank to your health alone. I drank to your health so many times, I've nearly ruined my own.”

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