Here's a Time-Lapse Video of the Grand Canyon Assuming Its Ultimate Form

Is that Mordor? Pretty sure that's Mordor.

By Evan Bleier

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15 May 2017

Since it only happens once every couple years on average and, unless you’re a park ranger, that’s way less than you visit the Grand Canyon, you’ve probably never seen "cloud inversion.”

A visually stunning phenomenon that occurs when cold air gets trapped by a layer of warm air, and moisture that’s added into the equation causes fog, the onset of total cloud inversion coats the already spectacular Canyon in a layer of dreamlike clouds worthy of a Pink Floyd album.  

To capture the spectacle in all of its tripped-out glory, time-lapse filmmakers Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinović collaborated with the International Dark-Sky Association — a nonprofit that fights against nighttime light pollution — to produce the video you see above.

Part of the filmmakers’ ongoing SKYGLOW project, the time-lapse video is a perfect visual representation of what happens when Mother Nature and Father Time combine their skill sets.

Give it a watch and shine on, you crazy diamond.

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