The Gentleman’s Handbook Volume IX: Winter Survival

Seven winter survival scenarios, demystified.

By The Editors

The Gentleman’s Handbook Vol. IX: Winter Survival
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28 January 2016

This is the Gentleman’s Handbook, a recurring series on situational awareness, preparation and etiquette for the modern man. This month: Winter Survival.

Eight hours: that’s how long your correspondent sat on the tarmac at JFK when winter finally, belatedly, formidably arrived in NYC last Friday night.

Now, there’s no tried-and-true survival technique for snow-stymied 747s (although we do know two apps that will yell at airlines on your behalf to get you compensation).

But when it comes to older-fangled winter survival situations — getting caught in avalanches, falling through a frozen pond, pretty much everything that happens to Leo DiCaprio in The Revenant — preparation is the name of the game.

From the mundane (digging your car out of a snowbank) to the malign (digging your friend out of a snowbank), here are seven step-by-step guides to help you endure winter’s worst.

Vol. 9.1: The Winter Survival Kit
Vol. 9.2: Winterize Your Shoes
Vol. 9.3: S***. My Car’s Stuck.
Vol. 9.4: Flash Flood Safety
Vol. 9.5: Survive a Fall Through Ice
Vol. 9.6: Avalanche Safety
Vol. 9.7: Drive on Black Ice

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