This Is the Definition of Secret Hideaway

Mi casa, tu casa ... if you can find it

By Diane Rommel

This Is the Definition of Secret Hideaway
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05 June 2017

Got a spot of land? Looking for something to put on it? 

Something good-looking, something flexible, something really freaking cheap? 

We got it — a house that ticks all those boxes. It's called Casa Invisible

casa invisible (8 images)

As its Austrian designers describe it, these homes are "flexible residential unit that consists of a prefabricated wooden structure" built for "on-the-spot" construction.

That means all the hard stuff — design, fabrication — is done off-site, and to a script. You pick out the size of your new space, the design elements, choose your "furnishings optional element," and throw it all on the back of a truck. The Casa is set up on your land, with structural additions to ease building on uneven terrain. 

The whole process is made for economy — and it's currently available at just about $100K. 

Unless you liked paying extra? 

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