This Bionic Underwater Drone Deserves Its Own Animated Feature Film

Just keep swimming.

By Kirk Miller

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23 May 2017

“The great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.” — Isaac Newton

Sounds like Sir Isaac could’ve used a fish drone.

Dubbed “The World’s First Bionic Fish,” BIKI is a wireless underwater drone that allows you to view the world like a fish. The fin-backed drone features a 4K UHD camera with 150 degree wide-angle lens, 32GB of internal memory and 2x114 lumens lights to capture images, and utilizes bionic sonar echo-location (“like a dolphin”) to move around and avoid obstacles.

With a max depth of 196 feet and control through either your smartphone or a waterproof controller, you should be able to discover the mysteries of the ocean with ease.

BIKI is available now for pre-order on Kickstarter (standard warning on crowdfunding projects) starting at $549, with a projected shipping date of September.

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