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10 Ways to Stay Productive on the Road
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31 December 2015

You’ve got vacations. Kids’ game to attend. Emergency Vegas sojourns.

But you also have responsibilities, and in this day and age, “I’ve got a terrible signal” is no longer a valid excuse for shirking them.

Luckily, a bevy of new high-tech gadgets and gizmos are at the ready to help you get things done no matter where you are. Below: 10 of today's most promising advancements in portable productivity.

Hopefully, you’ll never need ‘em.

But you probably will.

Surface Pro 4
Microsoft, $899 and up
When is a laptop not a laptop? When it's disguised as a badass tablet that you don't even have to power down during takeoff or landing, even though it packs enough horsepower to run most standard PC-grade productivity apps and utilities without wheezing. Steep price aside, there's a lot to like about Microsoft's latest model, from its slim profile to its considerable technical performance.

Xcom Global Mobile Hotspots
Xcom Global, Price varies
If you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for WiFi or data overseas, just rent one of Xcom Global’s personal wireless hotspots. Using one eliminates roaming fees and offers steep discounts on international service while keeping you connected almost anywhere without blowing through your traveler’s cheques.

Logitech Keys to Go
Logitech, $69.99
Typing up emails, invoices and pitches on a tablet is about as fun as trying to cram a week's worth of winter clothes into a carry-on. Thankfully, the process becomes caveman-easy when you're packing one of these puppies: essentially a .25-inch thick keyboard that pairs with iOS and Android devices so you can get your QWERTY on in even the tightest spots (read: middle seat).

Broadmore Backpack
Brenthaven, $249.95
Use this TSA-preapproved carrying case and you can skip having to unpack your laptop or take various odds and ends out of your pockets. Instead, just unzip the backpack and you can leave everything inside and stroll straight through to the closest airport lounge.

Galaxy Note 5
Samsung, $249.99 and up
If bigger truly is better, this smartphone/tablet hybrid rocking an oversized 5.7-inch display and a covertly stowed stylus is built to impress. Fire up apps, games,or multimedia programs (like videos or presentations) on its larger-than-the-other-guys screen (yes, including the iPhone 6+), and you'll quickly see the difference. Compatible with 4G LTE high-speed networks, offering 32GB or more of onboard memory, and able to run thousands of Android apps as well.

Metra Travel Mug
Contigo, $24.99
Caffeine and stress: the breakfast of champions. Happily, this funky new accessory is custom-engineered to keep drinks hotter and cooler for longer, prevent spills and leaks and stop dirt and dust from getting in your triple-soy latte. Bonus: built-in safeguards that keep you from spilling.

Energi 5K
Tylt, $59.99
This super-slim, super-powerful rechargeable battery pack easily stows away in any tagalong, and will juice up multiple gadgets simultaneously. Pack it along, and you can give gizmos of all kinds (digital cameras, portable music players, dancing robots, etc.) a quick recharge as needed, or simply triple your phone's battery life.


iPad Pro
Apple, $799 and up
Essentially your average, everyday iPad after a year on HGH. Think last year's model, only with an absurdly large display, higher-resolution picture quality and best-in-class multimedia performance when it comes to music, movies and games. You might even be able to get some work done on it to boot.

Dell XPS 13
Dell, $799 and up
A 13-inch laptop that does away with the usual bezel found on most competitors, allowing its designers to cram much more screen real estate into a smaller package. In essence, you get a great display, great battery life and great portability without paying a fortune for the privilege.

QuietComfort 25 Headphones
Bose, $269.95
Hate talking with strangers on the subway? Plop on a pair of these critically-acclaimed noise-cancelers and you can blissfully tune out the world around you … at least until someone's dexterity-deficient toddler drops a bottle of juice in your lap.

—Scott Steinberg

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