Thomas Middleditch Among Those Accused of Misconduct at Goth Club

A new report offers a damning picture of LA's now-shuttered Cloak & Dagger

Thomas Middleditch
Thomas Middleditch in 2019.
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Los Angeles’s Cloak & Dagger was, until recently, a Goth club with a notable clientele. A Los Angeles Times article described it as “an uninhibited, LGBTQ-friendly, members-only club where underground DJs, actors, rockers and adventurous partygoers could revel in safety and secrecy.” The club was situated in the back room of a Los Angeles bar, the Pig ‘N Whistle.

Note the use of the past tense: in January, Cloak & Dagger’s owners announced the space’s closure. Why? According to the Times article, a number of instances of sexual misconduct played a part — including multiple accusations directed at actor Thomas Middleditch.

Middleditch is accused of making “lewd sexual overtures” towards a pair of attendees, then groping one of them. Kate Morgan, Cloak & Dagger’s operations manager, brought the incident to the attention of the club’s founders, Adam Bravin and Michael Patterson.

According to the article, this was not the first time the staff had raised concerns about Middleditch’s behavior. Morgan recalled that at this point, however, her bosses were not responsive. “I felt like they dismissed it,” she told the Times.

Cloak & Dagger had banned members in the past, including Max Landis. The Los Angeles Times article paints a picture of an organization with a fundamentally broken process of accountability; that Bravin has also been accused of inappropriate behavior and comments adds another layer to the proceedings. And that doesn’t even get into the codes of silence built in to membership at the club. It’s an unsettling read, and the bad behavior of one well-known actor seems to only scratch the surface of something much more toxic.

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