Peloton Makes Foray Into Music With Trio of Elvis Remixes

The remixes are by Big Boi, Chromeo and DJ Dillon Francis

Elvis Presley in Clambake
It's not Elvis on a stationary bike, but it's not far from it.
Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

In the second half of this year, Apple debuted its foray into the world of online fitness courses, Apple Fitness Plus. Plenty of discussion of the new service noted that it put Apple in direct competition with Peloton — and in a world where the lines between tech companies, media studios and electronics manufacturers are blurring, it seemed entirely of a piece.

But if Apple is getting into Peloton’s territory with their fitness initiative, it could be said that Peloton is making a similar move of their own. The Verge reports that Peloton is making a move into music, with three remixes of Elvis Presley songs making their debut on the service.

The remixes come from high-profile artists as well: Big Boi, Chromeo and DJ Dillon Francis. They’ll be Peloton exclusives for a month; the article notes that Sony retains the rights to the remixes, however, which means that you might see these songs elsewhere as we move further into 2021. (Perhaps even Apple’s own streaming service? One never knows.)

The idea of blending a high-profile fitness service with exclusive music didn’t start with Peloton. Readers of a certain age and taste in music may recall Nike’s efforts to commission original music to soundtrack running —including, in 2006, LCD Soundsystem. Finding new music for a workout that’s also suited to the rhythms of exercising is an art unto itself; it’s not surprising to see some companies opting to create their own.

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