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White Out

It’s a chopper, baby. At Michael Kohn Gallery.

  • 26 July 2013

Some men spend almost their entire lives studying a single subject.

Take Robert Caro, the Pulitzer-winning biographer whose research was so thorough, he knew Lyndon Johnson’s name for Lyndon Johnson’s johnson.

Bringing that kind of fervor to motorcycles: Ian Barry, who designs one exquisite chopper by hand every year. The White, pictured, makes its debut tomorrow.

The fourth in a series of ten bikes, The White is a gorgeous work of steel and titanium powered by a race-ready 1967 Velocette Venom Thruxton engine. Velocette only sold those engines to a select handful of dealers, and the '67 was victorious in that year's Isle of Man Production TT (considered to be one of the most dramatic races of all time).

You can see this beauty — as well as The Kestrel and The Blacktwo of the other bikes in the series — tomorrow at the Michael Kohn Gallery.

The exhibit runs through August 31st.

As for Johnson's johnson: he called it "Jumbo."

The Specifics

Michael Kohn Gallery

8071 Beverly Blvd
corner of Crescent Heights
(323) 658-8088

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