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CASA: Your new surfer shack, for rent

  • 09 July 2014

When you wanna get away from the Madding Crowd, you’ve got few options.

Home? Boring. Hotel? Played out.

Or, this: CASA, a hidden bungalow nestled beside The Stronghold on Abbot Kinney, now taking reservations.

Tilled by the laid-back brohams at Shelter Half, CASA is stocked with military canvas upholstered wood furniture a la Environment, surfing art and a Hemingway-esque trunk bar stocked with Laphroaig, Pyrat rum and vino.

The second floor porch — set back behind foliage and overlooking Abbot Kinney — is perfect.

It's lightly shaded by a straw roof, recessed from the street and outfitted with large, pillowy furniture on wheels, stone-potted succulents and a thick canvas curtain for ultimate privacy.

CASA has two bedrooms (sleeps four) and is available for extended stays or a single evening soirée.

And if you need to get away from the house, grab one of the bikes or Almond Surfboards from the garage and cruise.

Ride. Relax. Repeat.

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