Life Just Became Slightly More Manageable

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Life Just Became Slightly More Manageable
Sunday Scaries

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I actually wasn’t familiar with the phrase “Sunday Scaries” before I tried Sunday Scaries, a line of CBD gummies and edibles.

So we’ll let the company explain: “Sunday Scaries are the feeling of stress, nervousness and worry that many people experience on Sunday nights. They are the ping of fear that hits when you realize that the weekend is over and Monday is near — and it sucks!”

Yes, it does. But — enter awkward transition — the actual product is pretty great.

Sunday Scaries was started by Mike and Beau, two former bar owners who wanted to confront their own stress and “transform a worrisome nation into a chill one” through community, humor and, obviously, CBD.

One of the founders is a light user of CBD, the other a daily user (for more on the basics of CBD, go here). So basically, Sunday Scaries offers something for everyone, from the curious to those who prefer a more serious routine.

The Sunday Scaries product line, including candy, gummies and oils

Their broad spectrum CBD products include gummies (including a vegan version called Vegan AF), a rainbow candy called Unicorn Jerky — no unicorns were harmed — and a CBD oil tincture that’s ideal just before bedtime but worked just fine in the afternoon when I took it while writing an article that I had been unconsciously putting off.

Don’t know what’s right for you? Take the “Scary Quiz” and the company will let you know.

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