If You Want to Live in a Spaceship and Have $3.5M to Offload, Here Ya Go

Know any Fifth Element junkies who also subscribe to Dwell?

September 30, 2016 9:00 am

Oh, 1998. You’ve aged well.

Your films are still iconic (There’s Something About Mary, The Big Lebowski, The Waterboy; ok, maybe not The Waterboy). Your aesthetic, equal parts raver and business casual, is back on the runways, somehow. And your home design …. well, it may deserve revisiting as well.

Because this 1998 banger by local Scottsdale, Arizona phenom Bing Hu is currently our guilty pleasure. Is it completely ridiculous? That it is. Look no further than the purple velvet barstools for proof. Six bedrooms, seven baths, three fireplaces. You could have about five separate parties here that never even collide.

And at $3.5M, it might actually be a steal. The original builder estimates about a $7M price tag if you wanted to duplicate it in the modern market — thank the two lots it sits on for that inflation.

The pool and exterior are surprisingly chic, and there’s an 800-square-foot guest house which you can Airbnb to offset that price tag. Or might we suggest a Man Poolhouse in lieu of a Mancave?

A lot of the interior is … dated. Corrugated steel ceilings? But the skeleton of some killer digs is there. A dance studio, a billiards room, gallery walls for your fine art. Add in the desert views, and what more could you really want?

All we ask is that the future buyer lose the carpet everywhere except the rec room — that’s the one place where the goofy-casual aesthetic shines.

Check out more views below, and take a virtual tour if you want more.

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