Your Nine-Step Guide to a Handsomer, Cozier Living Space

Of rugs, tables and whiskey-barrel bar stools

October 13, 2016 9:00 am

We’re gonna level with ya.

That Craigslist furniture you bought to “hold you over” after your last move? Not a good look. Never was. Which is why it’s high time it hit the road to make space for the furniture your home deserves.

Hence: Get a Room, our monthly roundup of handsome objects meant to elevate your household from humble to holy smokes.

Included in this edition? The bar stools Jack Daniel built, farmhouse lights and a table so beautiful you might just rearrange your life around it.

Because your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that could use a fall update.

Brass Hooks by fermLIVING | $30

If you’re going to hide your new designer chair underneath a couple strata of outerwear, you may as well stick with Craigslist. Which is to say: get a coat rack, or at least hooks. Be a pal and save the backs of your chairs so they can continue to carry your weight. These solid brass hooks will do nicely; or, for something more substantial, try the Beam coat rack and mail shelf from Hay.

Modern Pioneer Pendant Beekman Boys for Target | $44.99

These pendant lights are a steal at under $50. Cruise the straight and narrow with the classic white (nothin’ wrong with that), or go bold with this matte green. If you’re looking to round out the look, the Beekman 1802 FarmHouse collection is chock-full of modern reworks of Americana classics that won’t leave a great depression in your wallet.

Another Rug by All the Way to Paris | $450

That a living or bedroom must have a rug to be comfortable (bonus points if it’s hand-woven, like this one) is one of those weird pseudoscience facts that people swear by, like ice cream tasting better out of the carton and people with two first names being untrustworthy. This graphic wool and cotton number from ATWTP — currently on sale, so don’t sleep on it — will give the appearance of having your life together, which you may actually need if you are in fact a regular eater of ice cream from the carton. (No judgment.)

Whiskey Wood Bar Stools  by Heritage Handcrafted | $245

These Jack Daniel’s barrel wood bar stools combine two things we love: whiskey and sitting on our asses … Oh and a third: handsome and handcrafted goods. The wood for the stools comes from JD Distillery itself, as do the barrel hoop reinforcements. Got an event coming up? Customize ‘em with a monogram or date to commemorate the occasion.

Vide Poche Reversible Tray by Henry Wilson | $360

Shelling out four benjamins for a metal dish isn’t our most economic idea, but just look at this thing. We’re justifying it by the fact that it’s double-sided (just go with it) and gorgeous: sand-cast, textural and small batch. Think of it as an external pocket to dump your keys, phone and pocket change when you get home at night.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Replica by Manhattan Home Design | $1,292

We would be remiss to have a conversation about good design and not at least mention the holy grail of lounge chairs, the Eames. We picked a replica, but you can go official with the real-deal Herman Miller issue for about $5K. Accessible, this is not, but it’s an iconic design in the truest sense, and for some that outshines the price tag.

Clad 3 Door Credenza by Blu Dot | $1,919.20

What’s a credenza, you ask? A fancy cupboard. And unless you have the world’s most handsome junk collection, you need one. This warm wood and cool steel number is masculine, sturdy and perhaps best of all, over $400 off right now. Short on space? Look for the 2 Door version.

Macalester Sofa by Room & Board | $2,499

You want at least one piece of furniture that’s going to stop them in their tracks. In your correspondent’s dream room, one of these velvet sofas would fill that role. It’s longer than a summer night, so you can host your nearest and dearest or simply enjoy yourself a good stretch-out. Comes in 15 colorways, all lush, all show-stealing. Made in the U.S. of A.

A-Joint Table by Henry Wilson | $3,090

Remember family dinners? Where TV (nevermind phones) didn’t show its face and you had an actual, out-loud conversation about your day? This American Ash A-Joint table will make you want to put in the work to return to those simpler times. Pure, heavy-duty goodness, hand-finished and built to order. Your weeknight dinners will never be the same. And your dinner parties? Legendary.

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