The Couchbed Is the Ideal Second Couch

For your guest room. Your basement. Just not your living room.

November 21, 2017 9:00 am

Nex to the mattress, the sofa might be the most important home purchase you make. No other piece of furniture can match it for usage rate, or visibility to guests. So shop carefully. Pick something you find aesthetically pleasing. Make sure it’s lounge-worthy. And don’t settle for second best.

And then buy the Couchbed as your second couch.

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It’s a simple thing, the Couchbed. A low-slung cool-gel memory foam convertible that flips itself into a bed (on the floor) for overnight guests. Think the next level up from a futon.

Perhaps the best thing about the Couchbed is its adaptability, both in form and design. Its design is neutral, which makes it the perfect couch for any guest room, basement — pretty much anywhere except your living room. Because if you think the Couchbed can pass as your main couch, then we’re gonna have to check your ID.

But as an alternative sleeping space, for $400 — especially when you realize other sleeper sofas of the same style can cost upwards to $2,000 — we say it’s a good deal.

Head on over to Couchbed for more details.

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