Vehicles | September 23, 2022 2:28 pm

Speedway Parking Lots Used to Store Unfinished Ford Trucks

What do you do with an idle speedway?

Ford trucks
Ford F-Series pickup trucks stored at Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Kentucky, in 2021.
Jeffrey Scott Dean/Bloomberg via Getty Images

What do you do with a high-profile motor speedway designed to hold tens of thousands of spectators during the times of the year when a racing circuit isn’t coming through town? Some stadiums and arenas are known for the versatility: it’s relatively easy to use the same facility for soccer and football (and, sometimes, lacrosse), or basketball and ice hockey. There isn’t much you can do at a racetrack besides race cars, however.

But maybe it helps to think outside of the box. Because as it turns out, the parking lot outside of one well-known track has just picked up a very interesting side gig — though in this case, it’s not about vehicles driving fast, but is instead about vehicles that aren’t ready to drive at all.

The raceway in question is Kentucky Speedway, which hasn’t hosted a NASCAR event since the 2020 season. As Autoblog reports, though, its parking lot is presently being used to store various Ford trucks and SUVs while they await parts that have been delayed due to supply chain issues.

Ford first began using the Speedway’s parking lots to store its vehicles while they awaited parts last year. The Autoblog article points out that the Kentucky Speedway’s location in Sparta is about an hour northeast of Louisville, where Ford has had a manufacturing facility since 1969. Ford’s website notes that vehicles like the Ford F-250–F-550 Super Duty Trucks and Ford Expedition are made there.

The Kentucky Speedway might not be humming with the sounds of auto racing these days, but at least it’s involved in something else automotive.