Vehicles | July 23, 2020 8:00 am

Demand for First-Edition Broncos Is So High, Ford Is Offering Twice as Many

What happened to “limited edition”?

Ford Bronco First Edition four-door SUV
Ford initially released 3,500 reservations for the First Edition Bronco.

As we noted when Ford unveiled the new Bronco, part of the reason it was destined for success is the number of options available. It wasn’t just one SUV; it was a family of SUVs. It wasn’t just available in a base trim and a luxury trim; it was immediately available in a number of editions with sexy names like “Big Bend,” “Badlands” and “Wildtrak.” Ooh. Aah. But the holy grail of the launch was a limited-run model called (what else?) the First Edition.

As you can probably guess from the fact that Ford’s website crashed as a result of the onslaught of traffic after the July 14 unveiling, reservations for the First Edition Bronco filled up almost immediately. That’s good news for Ford for obvious reasons, but also bad news because they figured out fast that they could have sold way more than the original 3,500 First Editions, which start just under $60,000 — double the starting price of a base Bronco.

So what did Ford do? They decided to stretch the boundaries of the phrase “limited edition” and double the number of First Edition models to 7,000.

“Due to overwhelming demand, we made a one-time increase to the quantity of limited-edition First Edition models to 7,000 total,” Mike Levine, Ford’s Manager of Product Communications, wrote in an email to The Drive. “Reservations for the limited-edition First Edition two- and four-door Broncos are full.”

Wait, they were full before they increased the number or they’re still full?

Unfortunately, it’s the latter. As The Drive explained, “… only prior applicants for the Bronco First Edition will be selected for the chance to follow through on their reservations.” 

The hype, it turns out, is very real. But if you’ve got $60K burning a hole in your pocket, maybe you should consider picking up a vintage Bronco instead of a new one — while you still can.

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