Vehicles | July 5, 2021 1:48 pm

Ferrari Unveils Customization Tool for 296 GTB

A look inside a high-performance vehicle

Ferrari 296 GTB
The Ferrari 296 GTB.

Since its announcement, Ferrari’s 296 GTB has received accolades for its design and engineering — notably, the amount of power that comes from its V6 engine. It’s a substantial achievement for an automaker known for them, and the fact that it’s a plug-in hybrid adds a sense of environmental friendliness to the whole package. Not a bad combination, all things being equal.

It looks as though that engine isn’t the only way in which Ferrari is bringing innovative technology to the forefront with this car. A new article by Rachel Cormack at Robb Report notes that Ferrari debuted an online customization tool for the 296 GTB.

The tool allows you to customize nearly every aspect of the 296 GTB; once completed, you can then send the list to a local Ferrari dealer, or share your creation online. The site also alludes to the ability to schedule “personal configuration sessions” with a dealer. Cormack also addresses the cost of the car, writing that “[i]t’s rumored that the standard Ferrari 296 GTB will start at $321,400 while adding the Assetto Fiorano trim will increase the price to $360,900.” Ferrari has, as of yet, not confirmed pricing details.

Still, the configuration tool is an enjoyable way to pass the time, even if a 296 GTB isn’t in your future. If you’re looking for a solid look inside the car — in more ways than one — this is a good way to do it.