Vehicles | January 14, 2022 2:06 pm

Bollinger Motors Announces Shift in Focus to Commercial EVs

A big boost for delivery vans

Bollinger chassis
The chassis endures; the roadmap for vehicles now looks a bit different.
Bollinger Motors

At what point does a highly-anticipated electric truck turn the corner into more frustrating territory? When Bollinger Motors first announced their foray into 4×4 EVs, the design and performance attracted plenty of positive attention — as well as thousands of people making reservations. One Road & Track report from 2018 cited a figure of 19,000 reservations — an impressive figure by any standard.

Unfortunately for those reservation holders, the company has just announced a significant change in direction. As The Verge reports, Bollinger Motors has decided to pause work on the B1 and B2 trucks in favor of moving ahead on commercial delivery vans.

In a statement, the automaker said that the shift in focus was “a vitally important move” because “it enables us to continue our development of our technology, and make a real impact in the green future of automotive.” According to The Verge’s report, the company will refund the deposits made on B1s and B2s.

No delivery date was cited for Bollinger’s Deliver-E vans in the announcement. The company is presently looking for a company to partner with on manufacturing the vehicles. That said, it’s also not hard to see why Bollinger is focusing on delivery vans at this time; the space looks like a fairly massive one, with the last mile delivery market anticipated to grow substantially in the coming years.