Report: For the Cleanest Flying Experience, Choose the Aisle Seat

What tests found on the window seats might unsettle you

Airplane seats
A new study offers good advice for where you do and don't want to sit on a plane.
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By Tobias Carroll / September 3, 2019 7:31 am

When traveling by air, some people enjoy sitting in the aisle seat, while others savor the view that comes with sitting by the window. (Does anyone like the middle seat?) But a new investigation reveals some information that might have a bearing on your choice of seat, above and beyond your personal preferences.

An air traveler recently checked the amount of dirt on the head panels of three airline seats: aisle, middle and window. The results? “The closer the seat got to the window, the dirtier it was.” The traveler’s theory — which makes sense — is that the aisle seat is cleaned more thoroughly due to, well, its proximity to the aisle.

Their findings are accentuated by the company Marketplace, who tested different areas of airplane seats for dirtiness. Their findings? “The worst spot was the headrest, which tested for E. coli — a type of bacteria common in human and animal intestines, which means it likely came from faecal contamination.”

Air travelers might want to bring sanitary wipes with them the next time they fly. And if you are going to travel, please be considerate: do not use your bare feet to browse the in-flight movie options unless your circumstances are extraordinary. If not for your fellow passengers, do it (maybe “don’t do it” would be more accurate) for the next person to use your seat. 

Airplanes can be a microcosm of society, suspended miles above the earth’s surface for hours on end. So please, please: keep it clean.

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