Travel | October 9, 2020 12:53 pm

How to Get Your Money Back If Your Flight Vouchers Are About to Expire

Turns out getting a full refund might not be that hard, but you'll want to act quickly

How to get refunds on flight vouchers
If your flight voucher is expiring, you do have recourse
Narvikk / Getty Images

If you were planning a trip earlier this year and were offered a flight voucher for future travel when COVID hit, be careful: They might be expiring soon.

As Christopher Elliott explains at USA Today, there are actually three types of ticket credits that airlines issued when flights weren’t officially canceled and/or passengers opted out of their trips, and each has its own rules.

The credits include a one- to two-year voucher that expires, a credit that can be turned into a refund after a year, and a credit that can be turned into points (if converting the credits gets you more than one cent per mile, it might be worth it, as Elliott notes).

Compounding the issue: Not all of these airlines are going to make it out of this current pandemic in one piece, or at all. And that new flight you want may cost a lot more than what you expected, so that voucher isn’t going to get you a comparable price.

Suggestions? Ask the airline for a refund, especially if you have a medical reason why you can’t use the flight. You’re also eligible for a refund if the flight was canceled (be sure to cite the Department of Transportation guidelines if needed). Or dispute your charges with your credit card company. But just do it soon.