Tech | December 3, 2021 1:13 pm

This Is How Much You’re Entitled to in the $85 Million Class-Action Lawsuit Against Zoom

The video conferencing business settled some recent legal action and you're probably owed ... well, very little.

Close up of laptop participants on video conference, virtual team meeting, colleagues. Zoom just settled an $85 million class action lawsuit.
It's finally worth it hop on a Zoom call
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If you’ve used Zoom in the last few years — which is pretty much a given — you’re probably entitled to a small amount of compensation.

A recently settled class-action lawsuit against the video conferencing business alleged Zoom Meetings shared certain user information with third parties and it failed to prevent unwanted meeting disruption by third parties, according to TechRadar. The allegations also suggest the company falsely advertised its service as end-to-end encrypted.

So, who qualifies for the settlement? As the Zoom Meetings Class Action site notes, potential payouts are coming “if you are in the United States and you registered, used, opened, or downloaded the Zoom Meetings Application—including through a mobile app, desktop program, or web portal—at any time between March 30, 2016, and July 30, 2021, and it was not through an Enterprise-Level Account or Zoom for Government Account.” You’ll also need documentation that you did download and use the service.

The amounts you’ll recoup vary by membership — it looks to be about $15 if you used the free version and up to $25 if you were a paid subscriber. But be warned: The cash payment amounts may increase or decrease depending on how many people submit claims for the $85 million total payout, which you need to do by March 5, 2022. You’ll definitely want to read the FAQ before deciding on claiming your two-figure sum.

For their part, Zoom “denies these allegations, denies any liability whatsoever, and believes that no member of the Settlement Class, including the Plaintiffs, has sustained any damages or injuries due to these allegations.” Seems like it wasn’t worth it for them to keep fighting.