Sports | March 4, 2020 6:00 am

Rumored Tom Brady-Antonio Brown Reunion Seems Unlikely

Brady and Brown are still in "consistent contact," according to two ESPN sources

Rumored Tom Brady-Antonio Brown Reunion Seems Unlikely
Tom Brady (12) and wide receiver Antonio Brown (17) bump fists. (Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty)
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Buried in an ESPN report about takeaways from the NFL combine in Indianapolis is a juicy nugget about former New England Patriots teammates Tom Brady and Antonio Brown.

Brady and Brown, who took the field together for a single game in 2019 before the troubled wide receiver was released by the Patriots, are still in “consistent contact,” according to two ESPN sources. The report states Brady “has told Brown he wants to play with him wherever [he] goes next” and asked him to keep “mentally and physically strong so the two can reunite on the field at Brady’s next stop.”

If that report is true, it would essentially confirm that Brady will not be returning to the Patriots because there is no way New England would bring Brown back after he mocked owner Robert Kraft for his legal troubles stemming from a Florida spa visit. (Brady actually did a little mockery of his own.)

Also, even if Brady does actually want to play with Brown in the future, it remains to be seen whether the NFL will let the 31-year-old back on the field as he is still facing multiple investigations under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

All in all, it seems more likely than not that Brown and Brady, regardless of where the latter ends up, will not be playing together to start 2020. Of course, no one would have expected they’d be playing together to start 2019 either, so perhaps it’s best not to rule anything out.

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