Sports | December 11, 2019 10:46 am

NAIA Player J.J. Culver Drops 100 Points in College Basketball Game

The senior guard is the older brother of Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Jared Culver

J.J. Culver scored 100 points for Wayland Baptist
J.J. Culver scored 100 points for Wayland Baptist in a win over Southwest Adventist University. (Wayland Baptist/Facebook)

J.J. Culver, the older brother of Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Jared Culver, became the fourth college basketball player to score 100 or more points in a game when he reached the century mark on Tuesday night.

The Wayland Baptist senior guard connected on 34 field goals (12 of which were 3-pointers) and 20 free throws to notch his 100 points in the Pioneers’ 124-60 win over the Southwestern Adventist Knights.

Jonathan Robinson was next in scoring for Wayland Baptist, a small private school that competes in the Sooner Athletic Conference in the NAIA, with eight points in the win.

“We always script our first couple of plays, and J.J. scored on the first three or four,” Wayland coach Ty Harrelson said after the win. “The guys realized he was hot and kept going to him. We figured as long as he’s taking good shots and shots out of our philosophy that he had a chance to do something special tonight.”

Despite the scoring outburst, Culver is only second on the NAIA’s single-game scoring list behind Clarence “Bevo” Francis, who dropped 113 points for Rio Grande (Ohio) in 1954.

In his bio on the Wayland Baptist team page, Culver lists Steph Curry as his role model. “He is a 3-time NBA champion and is one of the best shooters to ever play,” Culver says of Curry. “Also, he changed the game by shooting from deep.”

For a night at least, Culver did a pretty good impersonation of his role model.

Now in the NBA, Culver’s little brother led the Red Raiders to the NCAA championship game for the first time last season when he was playing guard for Texas Tech. Virginia won the title in overtime.

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