Alabama’s Nick Saban Just Got His First Email Address

The 68-year-old football coach is also using text messages for the first time

Despite No. 2 Ranking, Alabama is No Underdog Under Nick Saban
Nick Saban looks on against the Clemson Tigers in the CFP National Championship. (Ezra Shaw/Getty)
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By Evan Bleier / April 9, 2020 10:43 am

Alabama head coach Nick Saban is old-school — or at least he used to be.

Prior to the pandemic, the Crimson Tide coach did not have an email address, didn’t really know how to text message and avoided using video chat like he was a ‘Bama quarterback evading a blitzing Georgia linebacker. But now, thanks to this era of social distancing, the 68-year-old football coach has been forced to adapt to modern life by familiarizing himself with the internet … sort of.

“I’ve come a long way,” Alabama’s football coach said Wednesday during an Instagram Live chat with ESPN’s Maria Taylor. “It was hard to communicate when you have to be by yourself and you always depend on somebody else to get your emails and messages and all that. They were sending them all to Miss Terry [Saban’s wife], and she fired me. She said, ‘I’m not dealing with your stuff anymore,’ and so I had to do it on my own.”

Since Saban can’t meet with his players, he and other Alabama coaches now host Zoom meetings and use video lessons to work on specific plays. Despite the separation, Alabama’s coaches and players have been able to settle into a routine.

“I think being able to stay focused on what you can control right now rather than getting bored or sort of losing focus because of this circumstance — you either control the circumstance, or the circumstance controls you. So we’re trying to control the circumstance the best we can,” Saban said.

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