News & Opinion | June 27, 2019 9:39 am

What’s the Most Unfaithful City In America?

Hint: It's the home of the Magic Kingdom

Good news, cheating can happen anywhere
Good news, cheating can happen anywhere
Maru Lombardo/Unsplash

When you think about steamy extramarital affairs, you probably picture them happening in sleek hotel rooms in some of the country’s flashiest cities — Vegas, L.A., New York. As it turns out, however, the majority of the cheating happening in our great nation is actually going down in far less cosmopolitan settings.

Extramarital dating site Ashley Madison’s 2019 “Infidelity Hotlist” named Orlando, Florida the number one most unfaithful city in the U.S. this year, Maxim reported. The site based its ranking of the 20 most infidelity-friendly cities in the country on the number of new sign ups in each city between June 21, 2018 and September 22, 2018.

Perhaps even more surprising than Orlando’s rebranding as the infidelity capital of the nation was the second place title, which went to none other than Newark, New Jersey — and things didn’t become much more predictable from there. Next up on the list was St. Louis, Missouri, followed by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Fremont, California to round out the top 5.

As for the sexier cities you may have expected to nab the top slots? New York and L.A. were nowhere to be found, while Las Vegas came in at number 8, behind Atlanta and Cincinnati.

“While most would assume that bigger cities probably produce more cheaters per capita, this data shows us what we were already aware of; cheaters are everywhere,” said Isabella Mise, Director of Communications for Ashley Madison.

While cheaters may indeed be everywhere, there seems to be a particularly high concentration of them in Florida. A total of four sunshine state cities made the top 20, including Tampa, Hialeah and St. Petersburg. And while L.A. didn’t make the cut, both Sacramento and Anaheim joined Fremont in representing California’s thriving cheating community.

“Infidelity can be found in every facet of life, and no city big or small is immune to it,” said Mise. “This year it’s Orlando, next year… who knows, it could be your hometown.”

Ah, yes, the democratization of cheating.

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