News & Opinion | February 14, 2020 6:00 am

Trump Is Inexplicably Obsessed With Retweeting This Sex Therapist

He's retweeted the account @SexCounseling three times

trump retweets
What's up with Trump's latest retweets?

You’ve probably noticed that Trump likes Twitter.

Something you may have missed among the president’s daily barrage of tweets and retweets, however, is that he appears to have recently developed a liking for an account called @SexCounseling. Fortunately, the Washington Post noticed, reporting Wednesday that the president had retweeted the account on three occasions since January.

The account belongs to California sex therapist Dawn Michael, who tweets occasional pro-Trump material alongside her sex and relationships content. On her website, Michael calls herself “a nationally recognized relationship expert and certified clinical sexologist” with degrees or certifications from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality and the American College of Sexologists, neither of which are accredited by the American Psychological Association, according to the Post.

“My mission is to help you resolve problems with your intimate life,” Michael says on her website. “With 20 years of counseling experience, I have helped thousands of people improve their quality of life and marriage.”

On Monday, Trump retweeted an assessment from the @SexCounseling account — “The people are happy with President Trump and they see how poorly he is being treated” — to his 72.4 million Twitter followers. The tweet went on to garner thousands more retweets thanks to Trump’s boost.

While the Post noted it is unclear what specifically has attracted Trump to the account, Michael appears to move among a circle of fellow conservative pro-Trump Twitter users who regularly retweet one another. As to whether or not the account’s potentially eyebrow-raising handle played any role in Trump’s decision to retweet, the Post said it ultimately remains unclear, though Prasad Vana, an assistant professor at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business, did note that shocking or outrageous content tends to do well online.

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