News & Opinion | May 23, 2019 11:34 am

The Biggest Cities in America Are Shrinking

Meanwhile, the Southwest is booming

New York is among the major US cities that have seen a recent population decline
New York is among the major US cities that have seen a recent population decline
Oliver Niblett/Unsplash

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and now even some of the state’s lesser-known cities are picking up on the trend. Meanwhile, these rapidly-growing Southwestern cities are giving some of America’s shrinking urban giants a run for their money.

The city of Fort Worth, Texas is now the 13th most populous city in the United States, surpassing San Francisco, Bloomberg reported. According to newly released population estimates from the US Census Bureau, Fort Worth grew by 19,552 residents over a twelve month period ending in July 2018. The new population spike makes the city the third fastest-growing among US cities with more 50,000 residents, behind Phoenix and San Antonio.

While the Southwest booms, however, America’s largest cities have seen a decline. New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, the three largest cities in the country, all shrank in population over the same 12-month period. New York’s population dropped 0.47 percent to 8.4 million, while LA and Chicago saw declines of o.1 and o.2 percent, respectively.

The remaining cities among the country’s 15 largest remained relatively unchanged over the same year.

Despite the recent decline in the top the US cities, urban populations in general have maintained an upward trend in recent years. According to Bloomberg, populations in cities of over 50,000 have seen an average increase of 7.5 percent since 2010. These cities make up 39 percent of the US population. By comparison, cities of 10,000 – 49,000 saw a smaller population increase of only 5.6 percent in the same time span, while towns of less than 5,000 grew by only 0.8 percent.

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