News & Opinion | June 21, 2019 11:00 am

Rocky Mountain Treasure Hunters Warned by Sheriff After Two Deaths

The hidden chest is known as the "Forrest Fenn treasure"

Yellowstone National Park
There's treasure buried in Yellowstone National Park, apparently. (Wolfgang Kaehler/ LightRocket via Getty)
LightRocket via Getty Images

Two people have died while on the hunt for buried treasure within the Rocky Mountains, prompting the Montana sheriff’s office to issue a warning.

Thousands of people have tried to find what’s known as the “Forrest Fenn treasure,” a hidden chest with gold and rare objects that one man left among the cliffs a decade ago, CNN reported. But the dangerous pursuit has had deadly consequences that local law enforcement would rather not see more treasure seekers risk.

“In the last couple years, two people have died, two have been rescued near death, several have had run-ins with local and federal law enforcement, and one told his wife today he was injured but not where he was,” the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office shared in a statement, according to CNN. These people were all near Yellowstone National Park and they were all looking for the Forrest Fenn treasure.”

The riches are named after the a New Mexico man who said in 2010 that he was hiding a chest filled with gold, rubies, emeralds and diamonds in the Rockies in order to get people out into nature and to explore the mountains, one of America’s most startling natural wonders. Fenn also said he wanted to help whoever found his treasure recover from the Great Recession, CNN reported. A poem written by Fenn contains nine clues to where the loot is hidden.

“We encourage everyone to vigorously pursue their outdoor passions, but think like a local,” Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin said. “Before you go after the treasure, consider your level of skill, preparation and knowledge of the area. Consider the volunteer hours spent searching if you need to be rescued, and the anxiety of those left at home.”

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