By Ariel Scotti / February 11, 2019

See Why Will Smith’s Genie From Live-Action “Aladdin” Trailer Caused So Much Outrage

There was a time when some were concerned Smith wouldn't be blue.

will smith genie
Fans got their first glimpse of Will Smith's Genie on Sunday. (Disney)

For the sake of the children, this is one genie that needs to be put back in his bottle.

That seemed to be the general consensus Sunday night when Disney unveiled a new trailer for its live-action Aladdin remake, complete with Will Smith as the blue-hued granter of wishes.


Though the film is promising “insane visuals and swelling orchestral versions of classic songs,” according to Esquire, “this looks nothing like the Aladdin from your childhood. Instead, this looks something a lot more … well … terrifying.”

The Sunday reveal gave audiences their first glimpse at Smith’s Genie, and “something about [him] is uncomfortable and large and awkward.”

Many other armchair critics on Twitter agreed.

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