By Jake Greenberg / September 7, 2018

How Nathaniel Gleicher is Tackling Facebook’s Misinformation Woes

The director of cybersecurity outlines steps the company must take.

child bride
Child was sold at auction as a bride on Facebook, according to multiple reports. (Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto)

Nathaniel Gleicher is the man Facebook has chosen to solve its fake news problem. A recent interview with CNN dives into Gleicher’s background as a prosecutor and his plan for preventing electoral interference and the spread of misinformation.

Facebook has been the center of much of the debate about Russia’s online role in the 2016 election, making Gleicher one of the more notable figures in the ongoing debate over social media’s role in preserving democracy. He was a cyber crimes prosecutor at the Department of Justice, and later a member of Obama’s National Security Council.

Gleicher, who began his position in January, identified better cooperation between Facebook’s security policy and legal department as one of the most important steps the company must take. As midterm elections approach, Gleicher’s job will likely attract an even brighter spotlight.

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