News & Opinion | June 5, 2019 11:32 am

How to Fix Trump’s Tailoring Issues

From too-long ties to baggy pants, Trump's tailor has his work cut out for him

No caption needed, Melania's face says it all.
No caption needed, Melania's face says it all.
Jeff Gilbert/WPA Pool/Getty Images

How do you solve a problem like Trump’s wardrobe? It’s going to take a little more than Scotch tape.

From baggy pants to too-long ties, Trump has never been known for sartorial excellence, and after his garish and much-memed formalwear botch at Buckingham Palace on Monday, the Washington Post decided it was time to step in.

The Post called on Ezra Lizio-Katzen, the owner of the Washington menswear boutique Ezra Paul, to help explain what’s going on with the president’s ill-fitting wardrobe and what can be done to save it.

Starting with Monday’s formalwear fail, Lizio-Katzen explained that the five-piece flop was a case of a too-long vest paired with low-slung pants. According to Lizio-Katzen, the vest is supposed to be shorter than the front of the tailcoat.

“People wear their pants much lower than they used to,” he said. “So even though a vest should be a certain length, if you wear your pants too low, then you get an unsightly gap between the pants and the bottom of the vest where your shirt shows.”

Speaking of pants, Trump’s have a tendency to be almost cartoonishly baggy, an issue Lizio-Katzen attributed to off-the-rack suits purchased bigger than necessary in an attempt to minimize Trump’s frame.

“Because he’s wearing a suit size probably two sizes, at least, too big for him in order to not make it look like he’s got a big stomach and instead make it look like he’s just a big guy,” he explained, “the pants that come with that suit are likely too big for him, especially if he wears the pants below his stomach.”

The too-long ties may stem from a similar issue. As the Post noted, Chis Christie wrote in his book last year that Trump once advised the former New Jersey governor to wear longer ties in order to look thinner.

If true, Lizio-Katzen called it a futile endeavor. “I don’t know that our eyesight gets cheated that easily,” he said, explaining that a tie “should be a little shorter than your belt or longer, but his is into his fly, and that’s never really the proportion.”

Trump may never be known for stellar style, but a little body acceptance and a lot of tailoring could go a long way.

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