News & Opinion | December 22, 2017 10:21 am

Russian Hacking Group Fancy Bear Comes After Journalists

More than 200 media members have been the subject of phishing attempts in the last year.

Fancy Bear
A man in a hood sits at a laptop computer. (Sergei KonkovTASS via Getty Images)
Sergei Konkov

The Associated Press reports today that the Russian hacking group Fancy Bear has attempted to infiltrate the emails of more than 200 journalists across the world since the middle of 2014. As previously reported, Fancy Bear has also targeted John Podesta and many Democrats, as well as leaders in opposition to Putin in Russia and Ukraine. Journalists rank third on the list of Fancy Bear targets, behind diplomats and Democrats. More than a quarter of the journalists on the target list are associated with the New York Times. Among the rest were Russian-based foreign correspondents and critical media members across Europe and the U.S. Although some suspect a link, no evidence exists to prove that Fancy Bear is working with the Russian government.