News & Opinion | December 14, 2018 12:58 pm

The Most-Googled “Should I…?” Questions of 2018

Here's a state-by-state breakdown of what piqued our online curiosity this year.

most googled "should i"
AT&T released a map of 2018's most-googled "Should I" questions across the country. (AT&T)

Digg has shared a map that shows the most-Googled “Should I…?” question from each state in 2018. AT&T used Google Trends data to compile the questions and create the map.

It seems like Americans are obsessed most with politics and weight loss— the number one and two most-searched questions were “Should I vote?” and “Should I lose weight?” Several states in the Midwest and South are concerned about dieting.“Should I fast?” “Should I Diet” and “Should I take vitamins?” lead the pack of most-Googled “Should I?” questions in those regions.

most-googled "should i"
AT&T released a map of 2018’s most-googled “Should I” questions across the country. (AT&T)

Some of the more humorous questions like “Should I care?” popped up on both coasts as well as the Southwest and “Should I break up with my boyfriend?” was curiously asked time and time again by folks living in Illinois.