Movies | March 5, 2020 11:18 am

Batman Director Matt Reeves Shares Photos of the New Muscle-Car Batmobile

"The Batman" creator is going back to a time before Snyder, Nolan and Burton

Batman standing next to the new Batmobile
You won't find any guns on the new Batmobile, just one giant rear engine.
Twitter: @mattreevesLA

I’m sorry to inform you that The Batman — the film where Robert Pattinson will become the third actor to officially play Bruce Wayne in less than 10 years — will not be hitting theaters until June 2021. But that hasn’t stopped director Matt Reeves from sharing superhero spoilers, starting with the new Batsuit and continuing this week with the new Batmobile.

Is he keeping Zack Snyder’s fan-favorite video-game tank? Are they going back to the non-Batmobile Tumbler from Christopher Nolan’s trilogy? Or is it time for a trip back to Tim Burton’s comic-book cartoon land? 

The correct answer: None of the above!

It’s a little dark — we are talking about Batman, here — but it’s clear Reeves has gone even further back in time and given Pattinson a souped up muscle car. Instead of scaring away citizens of Gotham, you can already picture Batman walking back to the Batmobile after saving some kids or whatever and some guy in a cutoff tee yelling from across the street, “What kinda engine you packing??”

We’re not seeing any gun turrets or turbo boosters, but we’re still over a year away so that could always change. We do know this isn’t the only vehicle the new Batman will be driving, as set photos revealed a motorcycle.

What we do know from these two vehicular reveals is that Matt Reeves isn’t so different from his two predecessors. He’s once again trying to out-grit the competition and turn DC Comics into the anti-Marvel world, and with Pattinson in this particular car, he might just be able to do that.

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