Food & Drink | January 7, 2020 10:57 am

Impossible Foods Introduces Plant-Based Pork and Sausage

A version of plant-based bacon is also in the company's pipeline

Impossible Foods Introduces Plant-Based Pork and Sausage
Impossible Pork Char Siu Buns are sampled at CES 2020. (David Becker/Getty)
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Made with soy protein and is designed to look, taste and cook like the most-consumed meat in the world, Impossible Pork is the latest offering from Impossible Foods.

Unveiled at CES in Las Vegas, Impossible Pork — which also contains water, coconut oil, sunflower oil and natural flavors in addition to soy protein concentrate — is the first new product the fake meat producer has introduced since rolling out the Impossible Burger in 2016.

Designed to be used in any recipe that calls for ground pork, the new meat alternative has one fewer gram of protein (16 grams), 19 fewer gram s of total fat (13 grams), no cholesterol and 130 fewer calories (220 calories) compared to a four-ounce serving of traditional pork.

In addition to the new faux ground pork, Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown revealed, they are also rolling out a meatless breakfast sausage and a lab-produced version of bacon.

“We’ve already played around with it,” Brown said. “We’re not going to release a bacon product until we feel like anyone who is the most hardcore bacon worshiper thinks it’s awesomely delicious. But we’re definitely on track. It’s going to be an epic moment when we serve the first kosher bacon cheeseburger.”

While pricing and availability for Impossible Pork hasn’t been announced yet, the company will begin selling Impossible Sausage Croissan’wiches at select Burger Kings starting January 13 for a limited time.

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