Food & Drink | May 28, 2019 3:37 pm

Ikea’s Swedish Meatballs Are Going Vegan

A global launch at all Ikea locations is expected by 2020

Ikea meatballs
The new IKEA vegan meatballs are on their way. (Emmanuel Dunand/ AFP/ Getty)
AFP/Getty Images

The Swedish furniture store famous for its affordability and do-it-yourself pieces has decided to offer up a vegan version of its most popular item — its meatballs.

Ikea’s managing director of food services, Michael La Cour, revealed the brand’s expedited plan to unveil a vegan Swedish meatball by announcing the store will have them available in some stores this fall before a global unveiling by summer 2020, Bloomberg reported.

To ensure this timetable, the furniture giant has eight employees working exclusively on the new product that will be either wheat-, soy-, pea- or oat-based and closely resemble the taste and texture of meat. The company has already sold about seven million of its new vegetarian hot dogs, according to La Cour.

“We see a clear demand for vegetarian options, healthy options,” La Cour said. “There’s a clear shift in behavior.”

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