Arts & Entertainment | January 17, 2020 10:16 am

Legos Are the Hottest New Toy for Adults

Legos are the new yoga

Legos for adults
Legos can help heal your sad, stressed adult soul.

You may remember a period of time a few years ago when adults suddenly got really into coloring books. You may also recall that what initially seemed like a sudden mass regression turned out to be the latest trend in mindfulness, with grown adults turning to coloring books as a calm, peaceful activity to reduce stress. Now other children’s toys are also trying to cash in on the wellness craze by rebranding for adults, including Lego.

According to the Washington Post, the popular building bricks are gaining popularity among adults who find a certain calm and nostalgia in clicking bricks together.

“Adults with high-pressured jobs are telling us they’re using Lego to disconnect from the mania of the day,” Genevieve Capa Cruz, Lego’s audience marketing strategist, told the Post. “They’re looking for a relaxing, calming experience — and they like instructions because that’s what helps them be in the zone.”

Lego has spent the past few years designing toy kits for adults in search of a “joyful creative challenge.” New lines hope to tap into millennial and Gen X nostalgia or wanderlust, so while Star Wars and Harry Potter-themed sets have long been Lego staples for kids, you’ll also find adults constructing Lego miniatures of the Central Perk Cafe from Friends or the Eiffel tower.

The idea is to encourage mindfulness by striking a balance between mental engagement and relaxation, which repetitive but creative activities, like clicking together Lego bricks or filling in an intricate design in a coloring book, tend to do. Striking this balance can help frazzled adults reduce stress while engaging in a light creative outlet.

As the brand wrote in an Instagram ad, “It’s zen, in the shape of a brick.”

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