Arts & Entertainment | May 1, 2020 11:57 am

Strip Club Behind Topless Food Delivery Pivots to Drive-Through Strip Shows

Enjoy your burger with a side of go-go

lucky devil
Lucky Devil Lounge is making takeout a little more interesting.

One of the most inspiring things to come of the coronavirus pandemic is the unwavering resolve among the professionally naked to find new and inventive ways to continue being professionally naked. From Instagram strip clubs to virtual burlesque shows, performers aren’t letting a little pandemic stop them from stripping down for an audience.

Oregon strip club Lucky Devil Lounge was an early innovator in the space, launching topless food delivery service Boober Eats back in March. After receiving a cease-and-desist letter from you can probably imagine which food delivery branch of which popular ride-share service, Lucky Devil has reinvented their lockdown-era business strategy yet again, this time turning takeout into a drive-through strip show.

For $30, customers can experience the “Food to Go-Go” show, where Lucky Devil Dancers perform while food is delivered to a customer’s car. An order typically grants customers access to one song, but Lucky Devil owner Shon Boulden told the New York Post that tipping customers can linger for an extra song on slow nights, and some will even drive through multiple times in one night.

“The dancers are making money. Everyone that comes through is super stoked and videotaping and throwing money and just being super cool,” Boulden told the Post. “It’s exciting when there’s a carload of people happy to see these girls dance.”

Performers and entertainers were among the first to take a financial hit when the coronavirus pandemic first took hold in America, as audiences dwindled in the weeks leading up to government-mandated shutdowns. Because performers are often considered independent contractors, many have struggled to secure financial assistance since lockdowns forced them out of jobs. While many have pivoted to entertaining audiences virtually, seemingly gimmicky innovators like Lucky Devil are giving their talent a rare opportunity to continue performing for live, in-person audiences. In the meantime, you can enjoy your burger with a side of go-go, and feel good about supporting a community in need. It’s a win-win.

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