Arts & Entertainment | July 21, 2020 11:00 am

Billie Joe Armstrong’s Son Joey Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Joey Armstrong, drummer for the band SWMRS, was accused by The Regrettes' Lydia Night

Joey Armstrong of SWMRS performs during the "Last Young Renegade" tour at the Fox Theater on July 8, 2017 in Oakland, California
Joey Armstrong of SWMRS performs at the Fox Theater on July 8, 2017.
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

The Regrettes’ Lydia Night has accused Joey Armstrong — the son of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and drummer in punk band SWMRS — of sexual misconduct, claiming that he emotionally abused her and sexually coerced her while they were in a relationship when he was 22 and she was just 16.

“I was in a relationship with Joey that started when I was 16 and ended right before my 18th birthday,” Night wrote Monday in a lengthy post on Instagram. “For so long I viewed it just as being toxic and not something valid enough to share but now I know that what I actually experienced was emotional abuse and sexual coercion by someone in a position of power over me. It’s important to me that Joey and his entire band are held accountable to fully understand that even though they may view themselves as ‘good guys’ they are continuing to perpetuate the exact toxic culture they are trying to call out.”

Night said she was inspired to speak out after SWMRS posted a statement reacting to “the stories that survivors of sexual abuse in the Southern California music scene have been sharing.” The Regrettes singer/guitarist called SWMRS’s statement “unbelievably hypocritical.”

“This band’s delusional positioning of themselves as woke feminists is not only triggering for me as a victim, but is complete bullshit and needs to be called out,” she wrote. “I’ve spent over a year processing and reflecting on my experience to try to find the right away to go about it.”

You can read her full statement, along with SWMRS’s initial post, below.

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