How Are You Celebrating International Dark Sky Week?

Dedicated programs are happening all over the world

Milky Way
The Milky Way seen from from Tymfi Mountain in Pindos Range in Epirus.
Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images

If you’ve lived near urban or suburban areas your entire life, it can be incredibly jarring to see what the night sky looks like without any light pollution. It can also be breathtaking. There’s a reason that state and local governments in the United States have been exploring dark sky ordinances, for instance — and why stargazing has even led to some intriguing-sounding forms of tourism.

If you have dark skies on the brain, this is the appropriate time of year for it. As reminds us, International Dark Sky Week began on April 15 and runs through April 22. A quick overview of events taking place to commemorate the week reveals plenty happening around the world, with dedicated events in the United States, Japan and Uruguay — among other nations.

For statargazing enthusiasts in the United States, both Marathon, Texas and Lake County, Oregon are hosting events designed to spark appreciation for the night sky. County Mayo, Ireland is holding a week-long series of events at various locations around Mayo Dark Sky Park — including lectures and tours from experts in the field.

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It’s also worth noting that some events will keep going beyond the boundaries of International Dark Sky Week. Four distinct regions in Japan are collaborating on a weeks-long program. One of these locations, Ono City, is working towards being certified as an International Dark Sky Place. And even if your schedule doesn’t have any space for an event this week, the roster of events might point you in the direction of somewhere to do some stargazing — after all, the stars aren’t going anywhere.


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