Unexplained Canadian Wilderness Sounds Prompt Cryptid Speculation

Strange things are afoot in northern Ontario

Did a sasquatch make a series of strange noises in a remote part of Ontario?
Steve Snodgrass/Creative Commons

You might have heard this story before: a mysterious sound coming from a place where you wouldn’t expect it sparks conjecture about its origins. Could it be an environmental phenomenon? Might military testing be responsible for it? Or might the answer involve the world of cryptozoology? 

The most famous example of this phenomenon is probably the “bloop,” a sound heard underwater in 1997 that inspired years of research and debate — and left more than a few people wondering if a massive marine animal was actually responsible for it.

Now, it’s Canada’s turn. At The Guardian, Leyland Cecco reports on a surreal phenomenon that’s left residents of northwestern Ontario baffled as to the origins of a series of sounds that don’t match up with any known animal. 

Gino Meekis heard something unsettling while on a hunting trip with his wife and grandson; he recorded what sounds like a massive animal howling and uploaded the clip to YouTube. And, yes, it sounds utterly terrifying.

Cecco reports that some have speculated that the sounds might have come from a wolf or a bear. But where there’s an unexplained animal sound comes speculation about unexplained animals — and thus, there’s also some questions as to whether a sasquatch might be responsible. It’s an inspired bit of speculation, and one that might only be resolved after lots and lots of squatching

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