Mushrooms might be the trick to clean laundry. (FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/Getty Images)
AFP/Getty Images

Key to Cleaner Laundry Might Just Be…Mushrooms?

A Danish firm is pioneering the use of biodegradable fungus enzymes for stain removal.

A Danish firm is using something surprising to treat stains: Mushrooms. Novozymes is utilizing fungi to make laundry cleaners more effective, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient, reports National Geographic. The company extracts the mushroom enzymes that fungi use to break down and feed on tough materials and repurposes them to fight stubborn stains.

“Enzymes are nature’s own technology,” says Novozymes CEO Peder Holk Nielsen, according to Nat Geo. 

Finding the most effective enzyme to remove any stain, from chocolate ice cream to red wine to grass, could lead to better detergents that work at lower temperatures and require less energy. And on the plus side, because they come from a natural source, the enzymes are biodegradable.

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