How to Turn Softcore Into Hardcore

Vol. II - The Core

By The Editors
June 15, 2016 9:00 am

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Things a gentleman always does at the gym: spots, re-racks and wipes down a machine after use.

Things he never does at the gym: monopolizes machines, hits on women or audibly grunts.

This isn’t Fury Road; there are rules. You should know them.

You should also know dress codes, best practices and the odd pro tip. All of which you’ll find in Gent’s Condition, a four-part fitness guide made in tandem with our friends at Samsung 837.

Each edition will focus on one major muscle group.

Today: we’re going straight to the core.


Make the world your gymnastic oyster with the Tension Fitness Trainer. Created by a doctor, the compact, portable TFT utilizes tension (rather than weight), so you can take it with you anywhere to work on core strength training. Its design provides proper muscle engagement and kinetic motion to help the body work smoothly and efficiently for optimum results.


Know what everyone’s got? Eight minutes a day. The series that once burned a hole in thousands of VHS players is every bit as useful today as it was in the days of permed ‘dos and neon unitards. You won’t even need the video after a couple weeks of repetition.


“A scene from TRON.” “The playground of the future.” “An experiential wonderland.” Those are but three of the phrases our NY editor once used to describe 837, a Meatpacking District experiment in retail hosted by our friends at Samsung. Inside: virtual reality roller coasters, a fully-loaded recording studio, a sci-fi kitchen and a three-story screen made of 96 55-inch screens. The kicker: nothing is for sale. 


The Surge 7” Short by Lululemon

Sits right at the waist, has a great weight on the hand and features loop on the waistband you can hang your shirt on when the mercury’s up (or if you want to show off those abs). Secure pockets and reflective detailing for the dusky hours.


Abs are made in the gym, but they’re revealed in the kitchen, so stick to unprocessed foods and make sure you get a tablespoon or two of healthy, unsaturated fats (think avocado or coconut oil) every day. Each meal should combine a 4- to 5-ounce serving of protein, generous proportions of non-starchy vegetables and 1/2 to 1 cup of wholegrains or starchy veggies.



The Foundation Shirt
by Ten Thousand

This super comfy tee comes in two cuts (standard or long) and features a pliable merino wool/synthetic blend that rides like a second skin and wicks away sweat in a way that its all-synthetic competitors simply don’t. Give a warm — nay, cool — welcome to a drier torso this summer.