Dead Brothel Owner To Remain On Nevada Ballot, Campaign Manager Predicts Win

Dennis Hof died on Tuesday, but his campaign director thinks he will win state assembly seat.

dennis hof
Dennis Hof owner of the "Moonlite Bunny Ranch" attends Exxotica Day 1 at New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center on November 13, 2015 in Edison, New Jersey. (Bobby Bank/Getty Images)
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A brothel-owning Republican candidate for the Nevada state legislature died this week, but he will remain on the ballot, and according to his campaign manager, will win his election in November.

Dennis Hof, 72, died on Tuesday. He ran multiple brothels and had nicknamed himself the “Trump from Pahrump,” according to The Guardian. Hof was running for a seat in a heavily Republican district and had been favored to win.

“I feel very comfortable predicting that he is still going to win the election on 6 November,” his campaign manager, Chuck Muth, said in an interview. He told Reuters that Republicans had a 2-to-1 advantage over Democrats in the state assembly district in terms of voter registration.

If Hof does win, the vacancy would be filled via a joint meeting process headed by county commissioners.

“There are a lot of Republicans who were uncomfortable voting for Dennis because of the nature of his business and they now know that he is not the one who will be serving,” Muth said, according to The Guardian. He thinks they will feel more comfortable voting for Hof now because there will “be another Republican to replace him.”

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