Conservative Commentator: “This Is the Ideal Male Body.” Twitter: “Um, No.”

A hilarious response to an egregious display of masculinity

August 17, 2016 9:00 am

A seven-month old, typo-laden declaration of masculinity has suddenly turned into the best Internet meme we’ve seen in weeks.

Back in January, Steven Crowder —a radio host, comedian, former Fox News contributor and conservative talking head on various TV news programs — tweeted the following:

Now, Crowder is an MMA fan and a martial arts enthusiast. As The Verge wryly noted, the picture “appears to be mixed martial artist Fedor Emelianenko , standing uncomfortably in a photograph that channels the grime oeuvre of Terry Richardson.”

A slightly ridiculous post, but whatever. Body shape notwithstanding, Emelianenko is a beast and several time MMA champ. And maybe Crowder’s post could serve as a gateway to discussing the larger ideas of masculinity and body image? Or perhaps a lesson in proofreading tweets before you hit send?

But Twitter wasn’t having that. They were, however, having a lot of fun at Crowder’s expense.

Lesson here? Be careful when declaring anything ideal … “make” or otherwise.

As for Crowder? So far, his only response seems to be a rather thin-skinned retort: “Weaponizing sexuality and body-shaming. Let me guess… ‘tolerant’ liberal?”

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